Bin Tariq Marine owners expect and demand the best in craftsmanship. Bin Tariq Marine's mission has always been to meet and exceed their expectations. Bin Tariq Marine’s motorboats are renowned as much for their levels of luxury as for their legendary flair and performance. But the essence of craftsmanship in the modern technological world goes beyond the working of the artisan’s hands and the accuracy of his eye. The naval architect can be a craftsman with his computer to produce imaginative and original designs and specifications based on innovative new materials; similarly the interior designer with his sourcing of new textures, fittings and furnishings. And of course the artisans themselves, who form and polish the woods, metals, glass and composites that produce the stunning work of art that is a Bin Tariq Marine boat.

Bin Tariq Marine has craftsmen in every department, men who, over decades of pioneering and innovation, have taken great pride in their work and the reputation that it has gained all over the world. This has been no accident; Bin Tariq Marine’s commitment to excellence of product has always been mirrored by its policy of attracting and recruiting the most talented marine staff at all levels. You probably could build a boat without the traditional principles and standards of craftsmanship – but it wouldn’t be a Bin Tariq Marine product.

Hand Built

In an age of automated production and assembly, Bin Tariq Marine's commitment to creating a hand built product is easily understood. The reason is, there isn’t a better way. Modern computer aided design and construction techniques can manufacture precision components and streamline production, but the immaculate detail and finish of a Bin Tariq Marine motorboat, inside and out, can only be achieved by skill and dedication. This human factor and its influence on the finished product cannot be replicated by a machine, which might be able to sand and polish a given number of times, but will never be able to tell when the end result is right. The fact that the end result is right on a Bin Tariq Marine boat is as much thanks to the people who built it as to the technology that first mapped it out.

Nor can a machine pay close attention to detail; it takes a person to do that. A person who takes a pride in their workmanship, the ability of their own two hands to create a look and a finish of real beauty – a Bin Tariq Marine person, in fact.


Quality in all things and in all areas. At Bin Tariq Marine only the best will do, a view shared by owners. Quality and beauty are much more than skin-deep in a Bin Tariq Marine Motor Boat. True, its finish, both inside and out, exude quality in abundance for all to see and admire. Only the best accessories, fittings, equipment and other creature comforts are fitted, as well as the finest quality optional equipment such as the GPS and Fish Finders. Rest assured the same quality standards are also applied to the many unseen areas and components of a Bin Tariq marine boat, from bilge pump to fuse box.

Of the many recent sales the majority of new Bin Tariq Marine boat orders came from existing Bin Tariq Marine boat owners. As always with performance craft, quality of life and quality of engineering go hand in hand. Only a quality product can become an icon, and only a quality product will stand the test of time.


To deliver both high performance and luxury in the same craft has every thing to do with the materials chosen. Externally, the quality of materials that provide the sumptuous Bin Tariq Marine finishing touches are there for all to see – rich furnishings, finest quality non slip decks, high gloss lacquer finishes and high quality fittings . What is less easy to see is the choice and application of materials that allow high performance and high-end luxury to come together in the same vessel.

Optimum power-to-weight ratio is achieved by ingenious design and manufacturing. Over the years Bin Tariq Marine and engine manufacturers have worked together to increase power and efficiency from ever more lightweight motors, but their progress will be hampered unless the fittings and fixtures are not similarly optimized. By way of example, beautiful marble and granite surface finishes are decorative and durable, but what looks like a two-inch thick slab can in fact be a milled slip backed by a honeycomb of durable composite material.

Internally the use of quality fiberglass raw materials has also made a great contribution. The rigidity of a fibre sandwich composite floor can produce a surface area without any deflection at all. An automatically applied resin hull can be lifted by team of lesser people, where the conventionally fabricated hulls would have needed more people.

The constant research into and testing of new materials and application machines has become a standard procedure at Bin Tariq Marine, keeping them and their boats at the forefront of marine design and technology

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